Enter Hall Ticket Number :
This information is provided to the candidate on his/her online request and is only a prototype list
Note: 1. If any Discrepancy in the name, father name and result shall be brought to the notice of COE or before 30.08.2019.
             Any request for Correction will not be accepted after the due date.
          2. Revaluation & Recounting applications are accepted through college online on or before 03.09.2019.
          2. Env. Std., CIEPS, ICS, OAN and SC & CV subject marks are not included in Total Marks.
          3. WAL: Your result if withheld due to insufficient data. You are advised to contact COE with your previous memo's.
          4. The students who are willing to take xerox copy of valued answer script, they should apply within one month from
              the date of declaration of results by paying required fee.